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His Family Background

His stable family background shielded him from being exposed to common risks as a young business owner. He has had the opportunity to conduct business more aggressively in international industries and markets due to sound business footings. Jean Claude Chalhoub ( was lucky to have grown up in a family in which business and cultural activities were fundamentals. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s company covers many different countries on most continents.

The Personal Skills of Jean Claude Chalhoub

Jean Claude Chalhoub has the skills to rapidly grasp complicated issues. This characteristic, combined with being an exemplary communicator, makes it possible for him to establish superb amounts of co-operation with his family, partners and clients. It is obviously of advantage to him that he can communicate in numerous different languages, causing it to be so much quicker for him to realise the complexities of the different industries in which his company operates. Jean Claude Chalhoub`s most remarkable skill is his flexibility to communicate properly and to create trust between himself and the people he meets.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Education

From an early age, Jean Claude Chalhoub began his studies in his hometown, learning from his parents and inspired by the country in which he resided. When becoming a leader and business entrepreneur, his schooling assisted him to adapt and learn. His parents coming from two unique backgrounds aided him in adopting their different cultures and languages, learning from their experiences. Jean Claude Chalhoub's studies began in Egypt, where he continued his schooling before going on to work towards his economics degree in France.

Horse racing is just one of Jean Claude Chalhoub’s interests, as is ocean sailing. He also loves to travel worldwide. He has a passion for horse racing. As a way to supplement this, he purchased a racehorse which has contended in races worldwide. Wine and antique collecting are other pastimes of Jean Claude Chalhoub.